AUtHOr |speaker | coach

Do you often feel out of place wherever you go?
Prefer to hide in the back so you don't have to stand out?
Past mistreatment left you anxious and insecure about showing up again?

As an author, speaker, and evidence-based coach...

I advocate for YOU, a woman of faith with much needed talents, but marginalized by a cruel world.

After my recent contribution to an anthology, I felt a distinct withdrawal from promoting the book. It combined my religion with my race -- two parts of me that I grew up desperately trying to keep separate.

As an adult, I've worked hard to allow all of me to become whole. Yet, this project brought up my fears around others' unspoken, but very real perceptions of me -- "too Black" in some circles and "not Black enough" in others.

I have learned that the threat of alienation doesn't disappear because you've made strides in personal development. It shape shifts to test your integrity -- the very foundation of your personal strength.


You don't have to shrink when exposed to unkindness.
You don't have to flip out when met with injustice.
You don't have to freeze up when attacked either!

As you embody the fine tuned skill of poise under pressure you will consistently exude a confidence that earns the respect your presence deserves -- even if the mistreatment persists.

Your new superpower is disciplined strength.

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Click the link below to get a copy of the guide that will teach you how to channel your inner disciplined strength: Five House Rules for Showing Up In Life...Even When You Don't Wanna: A Manifesto Guide.